Welcome to the Rules page. This page has to be used as a guide to all editors and users throughout their journey in the Roleplaying Is Fun Wiki.


  • All articles must contain the article template and the creator's name shall be written in full, no nicknames are allowed in the template.
  • Each of the articles must contain proper grammar and punctuation. Though admins are there to correct grammatical mistakes, it is advised for all users use correct grammar in all articles.
  • An image shall be provided in each of the templates. It should be in the highest quality possible.
  • It is not necessary that all the images shall be in the highest possible quality, but high quality images are strongly encouraged.

Original Character Pages

  • All Original Character (OC) articles (or Character articles) must contain the character template.
  • All of the parameters within the template shall be filled (only if they are provided).
    • The parameters that must be filled in every article are Name, Creator, Image and Fullname.

Team Pages


  • Do not use templates made for articles in your user page
  • Only user your page for introducing yourself and not advertising.
  • Pictures, userboxes, templates are allowed and are free to use in the userpages.
  • Don't edit other's page without their permission.
    • The page could be edited by an admin at any time for any improvement/corrections (included if the userpage violates the rules mentioned above).


  • Your signature must have: your username or a nickname.
  • Your signature cannot be longer than a line
  • Be sure to leave your signature with every message you send on other's or your message wall.

Special Note


  • All users shall give respect to all the admins.
  • If the provided edits by any user are not found worthy by the others, they shall be undone.
  • If any article has to be deleted, any user can complain about it to any of the admins. There has to be a good reason for a deletion request.
  • Users continuously exploiting/spamming will receive warnings. If three of these warnings have been neglected, the user will receive a ban from any of the admins. The ban will depend upon the type of edit the user has made.
  • Users continuously annoying the admins for deletion request for any article which shall not be deleted might also receive warnings.
  • Users shall never tamper with the templates, until they have the permission of an admin. Same thing doesn't applies for admins, they are free to edit the templates.


  • All admins shall give respect to all the users.
  • Edition of userpages by admins shall have a proper summary.
  • If the provided edits by an admin are not found worthy by the others, they shall be undone.


  • The chat is free-for-all, with no restrictions as to who and when it can be joined.
  • The chat has to be safe for work at any time. Profanities and conversations regarding adult themes are strictly forbidden in the main chat.
  • Private chats have no restrictions, but starting a private conversation just to insult the other user will be punished with a ban.
  • Threats of any kind in both main chat or private message will be punished with a ban.
  • Moderators have the right to warn, and ban if necessary, users for anything they find inappropriate, even if not mentioned here.
  • Banning durations will be increased if user violate chat restrictions repeatedly/continuously.


  • Admin and chat mod search shall start as soon as possible.
  • The Comment feature has been enabled.
  • A new character form will be added in a timespan of 2-3 days. 

Current Chat Mods And Admins

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