Hey everyone~!

I beginning to make request, but not for long. So hurry up and ask me^^

I can only make for your OC's or Inazuma Eleven Characters...but not all...

Charcters of IE/Go, that I can make in Kisekae

  • Kazemaru Ichirouta
  • Afuro Terumi
  • Sakuma Jirou
  • Midorikawa Ryuuji
  • Fubuki Shirou
  • Raimon Natsumi
  • Kino Aki
  • Otonashi Haruna
  • Mistorene Callus
  • Miyasaka Ryou
  • Kirino Ranmaru
  • Nanobana Kinako
  • Sorano Aoi

So, please don't ask me to do so much^^ you need patience if you want pictures of me :3 impatient are wrong here.

I use Kisekae 2 :3

It ends on the 18. August

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