aka Sophia Fujisaki/XxSymphonySketch/MB

  • I live in the Anime world~
  • I was born on April 16
  • BlackReshiram16

    Me: Drawings! *gnaws BMO*

    BMO: Oh No! Help!

    Hanaki: E-etto...

    Akarui and Kinako: *helps BMO*

    Hanaki: Ehh... What I was trying to say is that, Reshi-san would love it if you send her drawing requests-

    BMO: Please send her drawi- *being gnawed by Reshi*

    Hanaki: Here are the things u need to know;

    • Your request might be finished in 1-2 days
      • Either 1-2 days, earlier, or even later (depending on my schedule or difficulty of your request)
    • Your request might not have a bg (since I suck at bg's)
    • The limit of people in your request is 7~
    • Not to much romance (u know what I mean!), but violence's limit is the sky!
    • If u don't like your request that I made, you can ask me to change it or I can make another one~
    • Please send requests for BMO not to be eaten or harmed
    • I…

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