May 14, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Okay guys, soooooo I'm here with a question, and some news;

    1. Thanks to Victoria-chan, I have learnt that there is a cool site to design " selfies", called dreamselfy. Now, I make the perfect avatars, but have problems saving them. Help please!!!

    2. Yahoo! The Unknowns' song, Loneliness, has been completed! It is the first complete and dubbed song here. I have dubbed it in a hurry, so do tell me if you find any spelling error or anything like that. I am trying my best to get the other songs completed as quickly as possible too.

    3. I have recently joined The Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki, so you can find Soul there too. Yeah, I am writing fanfics.

    4. I am gonna be inactive for this month, due to exams. I'll try my best to get here, though. I hope …

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    April 27, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Well, I really don't want to say this, but I seldom see people rp here. I mean we are all here to make this wiki the best one,right? We should rp, at least sometimes. I'm sorry if you didn't like it.

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    April 16, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Hey! There were earthquakes in almost all parts of my country today! It was not just Pakistan, Iran, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, India etc. also suffered. 40 died in Iran:(, I'm sad for Iran; it's such a good, neutral country, sincere in its acts. But I'm glad for my people, as they didn't rush and remained firm. Thanks to God, there were no casualities here. Really, there was one in my city, Multan too; and Karachi had one measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale, but really, I got another evidenes for the fact that none can touch the ones who are are protected by God!

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    April 11, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Hello! I'm new to this wiki! I hope we'll be able to make a good and amiable environment here! :)

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