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Rose Florene
Full Name Rose Florene
Nickname(s) Rose/ Flora
Age 11
Birth Date 30th June
Relatives Hayden Zent(Relative)
Position Midfielder
Element Wind/ Wood
Team The Destinalces ( Temporary)
Number 09
Rose is a new arrival at the Raimon Jr. High. She used to be at Hogwarts first.


She has long, pink hair and green eyes.


Rose is known for her amity and quiteness. She tries to help all those who are in need. Soul once said that she truly is a rose. But this is her true, and masked personality


Rose is actually a hypnotized spy, who works for Kageyama, Garshield, and Zenzaki. She later recovers and fights against them.


  • Rose ( file photo)
  • Rose's sprite