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Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name (Unknown)
Nickname(s) Ravy
Gender Female
Age 14
Birth Date 9th September
Relatives (unknown)
LBX Lucifer
Occupations Artemis champion for 2 years in a row
Achievement(s) Artemis champion for 2 years in a row
Year 2nd year
Raven is a character created by User:Ravenaru


10 years ago when raven was just 4, she and her parents ran into a car accident leaving her orphaned. Later on, she decides to leave the past behind and continue on with the future.


She is sweet and nice despite having a dark and harsh past, she is also seen very kind and friendly towards the newcomers, Hikaru and Arata and shows them around being a part of the first platoon with them. 


Raven has long pink hair with blue tips, green eyes, pale skin and an average height being a bit shorter than her teammates. she is normally seen wearing the school's uniform, her casual clothes consist of a long sleeved-buttoned white shirt, black jacket followed by a black skirt, leggings and black shoes, she is usually seen carrying a white bag too.




  • This character is fully made by me User:Raven~Sama
    • Feel free to use her but please tell me first.
  • This page is incomplete yet.
  • She is considered my main oc for now. ^^



Ravenaru Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. 14:44, May 20, 2013 (UTC)