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Nora Wilson
Creator ~:Len Kagamine:~
Full name Nora Asther Wilson
Nickname(s) Nora, Asther
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday 13th January, 1997
Hair Shoulder length, Black
Eye Hazelnut
Language(s) English, French.
Species Human
Parents [[Jennifer Olson-Wilson (Mother)

Markus Wilson (Father)|Jennifer Olson-Wilson (Mother) Markus Wilson (Father)]]

Siblings None
Friends None, Yet.
Enemies None, Yet.
Religion Atheist
Goals Not yet decided
Hobbies [[{{{Hobbies}}}|{{{Hobbies}}}]]
Goals Not yet decided
Likes [[{{{Likes}}}|{{{Likes}}}]]
Dislikes [[{{{Dislikes}}}|{{{Dislikes}}}]]

Nora A.(Short for Asther) Wilson Is a character created by User:~:Len Kagamine:~


Nora was born to Jennifer and Markus Wilson on 13th of January, 1997 in Toronto, Canada, North America.Her Father worked as a Engineer while her Mother was a Housewife.When Nora was 7, she had been diagnosed with lower level of Autism called Asperger Syndrome, making her difficult to make new friends.When she was 11, her Father had to get transported to Sydney, Australia.

When she turned 15, She moved out to /at least, try to/ become a responsible teenager.She moved into an apartment and managed to pay rent by working part-time in a nearby restaurant.She still, however, goes through normal education like most teenagers do.


Nora is a friendly fellow, Shy as well.She usually try's to get through it though.She is also a bit paranoid sometimes, and is a mix between Optimistic and Pessimistic.She has trouble making friends, but she tries her hardest.

She can be negative at times, but she does try to stay positive.She has a bit of humor in her, which is a type of trademark for her.It is also implied she has a sweet tooth.


Nora obtain's her father's hair color, while she obtain's her mother's eye shape and color.Her hair usually is straight and has short bangs swept to the left side of her forehead.Her style of clothing varies, but usually their something that cover's her arms up until her wrist.


  • Nora is commonly refered to as Asther more than Nora.This is unknown why.
  • She has a habit of biting her nails and chewing string.


  • She is full made by me.
  • Feel free to use her, but please ask me for permission first.