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Muhammad Zaid Qasim
Full Name Muhammad Zaid Qasim
Nickname(s) Zaid
Age 11
Birth Date 18th July
Relatives Unknown
Position Libero/ All-rounder
Element Wind
Team The Destinacles

Pakistani Markhors( In Pakistan) The Raimon 11

Number 01

Zaid is a Pakistani, who's living with his uncle and aunt, along with his sister. He's a new arrival at the Raimon Jr. High.



Zaid has short, black hair, and brown eyes. He's ususally seen weraing black, white or green clothes.


He is a brilliant student. Everyone is impressed by his courage, personality, character, and single-mindedness. He sometimes plays for the Destinacles, especially when they are in trouble. He has the quality to control his emotions.


He's from Pakistan. He moved to Japan to live with his uncle and aunt, along with his sister, after his family died in a car accident. He used to play for his school's soccer and cricket teams, both named Pakistani Markhors. He mentions Pakistan quite a lot of times too.


He joins Raimon Jr. High when Mark, Soul and Axwl start their second year.

After a year, he goes back to Pakistan. It is seen that he's won a lot of awards on international level after a short period of time. It's revealed that he's a well-recognized blogger, fearless in revealing the truth. That's why he gets N0.1 on the list of those people who can convince others very well, and those who can unite their nation. He stirs up a new wind from in the world, in short. During his speech, he says that he wants to remove all bad thoughts from peoples' minds about Pakistan.

One day, after he's gone back, Ichinose rushes into the clubhouse, saying ," Switch on the TV!" And when they do it, they see Zaid playing for Pakistan's under 14 cricket team, as the captain. Under his leadership, his team wins at first the Asian Cup, and after that the Worldcup. He returns to Japan to meet his old classmates, but is injured in an attack.

It is also seen that later on,he's the best and youngest working DCO of Pakistan. He visits Japan to meet his old classmates, who are surprised to see him. He states that now he's got a lot of responsibilities, but he'll still help them out He returns and carries out his services, and after a long time, is elected takes the oath as the youngest President of Pakistan.



  • He is the only player who has defeated Soul in a race
  • He is the only cricketer to be known as the Professor after Pakistan's Muhammad Hafeez