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Mirna Kelley
Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name Mirna Fox Kelley
Nickname(s) Mimo
Age 15
Birth Date 17th July
Relatives None
Position None
Element None
Team None
Number None


Not much is known about Mirna seeing that she never talks about her family and life alot, all is known is that her parents died leaving her a house which she lives in with her aunt.


Mirna is a very kind and calm girl who loves nature and animals, she is also a straight A student and likes making friends. She's also seen to be fond of younger people although she doesn't show it alot.


She has long chocolate brown hair which is usually let down, decorated with a black-ribbon headband, she's got brown eyes, pale skin and an average height. she is usually seen wearing her school uniform which consists of a white long sleeved-black buttoned shirt, a black skirt, black socks and grey shoes. She is also seen carrying her black school back which is decorated with a black doll keychain.


  • This character is made by me : Raven~Sama
  •  Feel free to use her but please tell me first~ n.n

Raven~Sama Live like there's no tomorrow  11:40, April 7, 2013 (UTC)