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This is a song by the unknowns.
Living to die


( Some will be updated later on)


Soul: It's that sun agian; oh yeah, oh yeah!

I had always thought what to do, but things never ever, remain the same( The Same!)

Ah, and then the fear creeps in (Creeps in!)


Kellyn: Because

Both: Because we're living to die, die, DIE!

( Silence)

(Suddenly, the beat gets faster, the instruments play louder)

Soul( in a high pitched tone) : Oh yeah! This is our tur-r-r-r-n-n!! I hope you all'll learn, soon( Oh, Yeah!!!)

Kellyn : I know life isn'tover yet, but I bet; you won't let it go, if you know when, when, you're..........

Soul : ( Music gets extremely loud) GONNA DIE!

( Beat gets softer)

Kellyn:Oh no! It's the night, with all its fright! It's come again!

Soul: We are nearing the end, My errors, how to men-n-n-d-d

Anime( In a very loud voice) 'CAUSE WE'RE LIVING TO DIE DIE DIE & DIE!

Kellyn: Livin' to Die

Soul: Livin' to die, oh yeah!

Soul: So, have you..................

Kellyn: Ever thought what life really is....................

Soul:It's the beginning of the death!

Anime: Because!

Kellyn: We are livin' to die!

Soul: And we are livin' to di-i-e-e!


  • This song is all composed by me, ANIMEFREAK01