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Leann Rae
Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name Leann Rae
Nickname(s) Lulu
Age 14
Birth Date 14th April
Relatives Unknown
Position None
Element None
Team None
Number None
 Leann Rae is a character created by Raven~Sama.


In a couple of flashbacks, Leann is seen sitting on a swing in one of the parks in town when she meets a white-haired boy who eventually becomes her best friend but they are later seen seperated when the boy's parents decide to move to another place for unknown reasons.
Rae & Hakuryuu By BR16 (ShuuLover-Reshi)

Leann and the white-haired boy (Hakuryuu) drawn by Black Reshiram16


She's a calm and very polite girl who seems to be interested in soccer and it's terms, she later becomes one of the managers of Dark Spear and cheers for everyone during matches, trainings, etc. She also seems pretty close to Hakuryuu seeing that he's the young boy she met in her past.


Leann has long light pink hair usually tied in two braids, brown eyes, and pale skin. She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform and carry her brown school-bag. 


  • This character is made by me : Raven~Sama
  •  Feel free to use her but please tell me first~ n.n

Raven~Sama Live like there's no tomorrow  12:31, April 17, 2013 (UTC)