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Kioshi Ryuu
Kioshi Ryuu
Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name Kioshi Ryuu
Nickname(s) None
Gender Male
Age 14
Birth Date 9th October
Relatives Unknown
LBX Unknown
Occupations Artemis Champion


Achievement(s) 6 times champion in 6 different official tournaments
Year 1st
 Kioshi Ryuu is a character created by User: Raven~Sama


"A 14 year old boy oftenly mistaken for a girl. Quiet, Calm, impressive player yet can be quite harsh at sometimes."


Ryuu has short lengthed blonde hair that reaches his neck, pale skin, blue eyes, average height and a small X shaped scar on his cheek. He is mostly seen wearing his school's uniform and carrying his brown bag.


He's quite calm, quiet, mysterious oftenly mistaken for a girl thought it doesn't really matter to him. He is seen to be a pretty good LBX player and that shows during his battles. 


  • This character is fully create by me: Raven~Sama
    • Feel free to use him but please tell me first.
  • This page in not completed yet.


  • His first name Ryuu means dragon while his last name Kioshi means quiet together they make "Quiet Dragon" which supposingly present his quiet and calm personality.

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