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Kanoshi Shimici
Kanoshi Shimici
Creator Diablomax
Full Name None
Nickname(s) Kano,Kano-Chan,Kano-San
Age 15
Birth Date 30th July
Relatives None
Position Forward
Element Fire (Regular Form) Void (Black Thunder Form)
Team Black Thunder
Number 11
 As a Black Thunder Member He Is Lloyal to All his Team Mates and Himself.


Before he Became a Black Thunder Member,he,Amemiya and Hakuryuu were the best of friends.But somehow Amemiya and Hakuryuu were sent for the FFIV2 leaving Kanoshi Alone.After he heard Hakuryuu and Amemiya Failed the FFIV2 they Went Back to Arakumo Gakuen and Zero again Leaving Kanoshi Alone.Then joining DNA's 2nd Top Ranked Team; Black Thunder.


In his Regular Form he Acts like his Japan Idol also known as the Flame Striker,Gouenji Shuuya.But in his DNA form he acts like a ruthless and uncaring Player who play's as DNA Says So.But he command's he's Team like their his Pets that they would do anything.He,Amemiya and Hakuryuu's Friendship were Apart since Fifth Sector and DNA were Enemies,but he is still known to be his Friend. 


  • Fire Tornado TC
  • Death Sword
  • Sunshine Force
  • White Hurricane
  • Crossfire


  • His Hissatsu's are Tsurugi,Amemiya,Hakuryuu and Gouenji's Hissatsus.
  • He has no DF's,OF's and GK's Hissatsu's.
  • In his Regular Form he dosen't have a Purple Eyepatch Thing.
  • This is Made by me Diablomax.