Four Seasons
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Captain Sunshine Rainfall
Wins 0
Losses 0
Coach N/A

"A team of secret elements that combined together as one"

~The Legend

Four Seasons is a team created by Minori-chan and leaded by Hinode Yoru.


The uniform of the players is about of their elements. The wood is green with a bottoms of sea green. The water is blue with two lines on the neck and the bottoms are sky blue. The fire is red with some curve spike design on the bottom part of the shirt and the bottoms are scarlet. And the earth element is yellow with some stripes on the sleeves and the bottoms is white. The emblem is four squares with each element on each on top right. Have white socks and nike shoes of their choice. When the elements of the character is two, their more favorite is the tops.


1. (Open for OC)

2. (Open for OC)

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4. (Open for OC)

5. Hinode Yoru (DF/Captain)

6. (Open for OC)

7. (Open for OC)

8. (Open for OC)

9. (Open for OC)

10. (Open for OC)

11. Fei Rune (FW/Co-Captain)


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  • This team is fully made by me~! ^^
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  • I accept a coach, four managers, and many players~! ^^