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This is one of the Unknowns' most popular songs. It's about the departure of some good friends.



Oh no! It's the worst day of my life!

Looks like someone's gonna stab me with a sharp knife!

But it won't matter to me now....................... As we have to wish..........

( Extremely loud beat and in a loud voice)

FAREWELL! FAREWELL! IT's the time to say the last, the best, the huge, BYE!!!!

I wonder how I'm gonna fight, how to get it alright?!

Oh no where are you my friend?!

You know I'm not strong enough..............

Why are you leaving now?

Don't you remember, how you told me that,

" I am nothing without you all!"

Do you want to get away, or is it, something else

I know you're worried

Under deep thoughts you are buried!

I won't let you destroy yourself.....................!!!!


  • This song is fully compose by me, ANIMEFREAK01.
  • I've made this up yesterday ( on 8th May, 2013) , as it was my last working day at school for this session.