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Evone Diaz
Creator Ravenaru
Full name Evone Diaz
Nickname(s) Eve, Eva
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday 3rd April, 1995
Hair Long, Brown.
Eye Purple
Language(s) German, English, French
Species Human
Parents [[Unknown Mother (deceased)

Unknown Father|Unknown Mother (deceased) Unknown Father]]

Siblings None
Friends None, Yet.
Enemies None, Yet.
Religion Christian
Goals Become A Pro Artist and Dancer
Hobbies Dancing, Listening to music, Singing,Playing various music instruments
Goals Become A Pro Artist and Dancer
Likes Music, Musical instruments, apples, puppies, chocolates, ear piercings.
Dislikes long trips, skirts, dresses

Evone Diaz is a character created by User:Ravenaru.


Having a deceased mother and a continuisly travelling father, Evone, the 15 year old german girl decided to follow her dream of becoming a dancer and making her mother proud. So, she travelled to New York hoping to enter the academy and learn all the routines and moves to become a pro. Living alone, she is a very independent person seeing how she manages herself and lives in her own apartment. a few months later, she manages to find a part-time job in a coffee shop with a good pay to be able to pay her apartment's rent without bothering her father.


Evone is a sweet, caring person and friendly. She devotes her time for her dream always remembering her passing mother and hoping to make her proud. But due to her shyness she is unable to make friends easily and finds difficulities in starting a conversation with someone new.


She has long back-length light brown hair, big lavender-coloured eyes, a bit of a pale skin and an average height. She wears a short pink shirt followed by a kinda ripped-patterned white shirt, blue long leggings and brown boots. She is also seen carrying a small brown bag from time to time and she has two ear piercings on each ear seeing how she loves them.


  • She seems to suffer from Unilateral hearing loss which causes the deafness in her left ear causing her difficulities to hear from one ear.


  • This character is fully made by me.
    • Feel free to use her but please tell me first.

Ravenaru Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. 08:38, June 19, 2013 (UTC)