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Creator ~:Len Kagamine:~
Full Name Clareece Ardeim
Nickname(s) Clare
Gender Female
Age 14
Birth Date 5th April
Relatives None
LBX Ortheus (fanmade)
Occupations Artemis champion 3 times.
Achievement(s) Artemis champion 3 times.
Year 2nd year

Clareece (Pronounced like:Clare-ease) Ardeim (Pronounced like:Art-deem) is a Character created by ~:Len Kagamine:~.


As an only child, Clareece was a lonely person.Her parents were usually away on business trips.When she got her first LBX, she grew to love LBX as not only a hobbie, but an actual living thing.


Clareece is a cheery, energetic person.She often get's excited easily, but she does have a temper.Even so, she is a friendly person.

Despite her cheery and energetic attitude, she is quite serious about LBX's.She often takes the blame on herself whenever her Platoon fails to succeed in a mission.


Clareece has messy amaranth pink hair that reach half her back, and her eyes are colored cerulean, while her skin tone is slight tan.

Although she usually wears the Jenock uniform around Kamui Daimon, her casual clothing usually consists a dark pink hoodie over a white shirt that has a blue anchor on it, beige shorts and matching beige shoes.She also wears dark red socks, a red rose wrapped just above the shoes, black gloves and is usually seen wearing a yellow-blue sling-bag.


  • She is made by me, ~:Len Kagamine:~
    • Feel free to use her.But please inform me first.
  • She is considered my main female oc for now~

Hiddenfaceburn ~:Len Kagamine:~ ~:Atomic Flare:~ ~:Flame Veil:~ ~:Chaos Break:~ 09:54, June 28, 2013 (UTC)