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Full Name Aniama Ketchum
Nickname(s) Anime Freak
Age 11
Birth Date 14th May
Relatives Ash Ketchum ( Twin brother)

Yuuka, Shuuya, Toramaru, Barry, Dawn, Ryuuji, Hiroto, Soul, Gary ( cousins) Pro. Oak ( Relative)

Position Libero(Vice-Captain of Inazuma Eleven Jr.)
Element Earth
Team Inazuma Eleven Jr.

The Destinacles Inazuma Girls( Captain)

Number 07
Anima is an 11 year old girl. She's a new arrival at the Raimon Jr. High.


" You don't seem like my sister, you actually act like my brother," Ash Ketchum

" Come on, if you won't be there, I would have almost died!" Soul Ketchum


Anima has very long, light brown hair, and light brown eyes. She usually ties her hair in a way which looks much smaller than it really is. She's uaually seen wear a long-sleeved, purple shirt, with white trousers. She also wears a pendant with the sign of "V" ( Victory) on it, but it's usually hidden under her clothing, just like Soul's. Herhairstyles also change quite frequently.


Anima has a carig and amiable personality, and never lets anyone down if they trust her. She's really very close to her brother, Ash,and is usually seen helping him out with his pokemon. She's a great pokemon trainer too, and usually practises with Soul, whom she calls her sister. She has dreams which turn out to be real (i.e) she had a dream that Ash'll get stuck somewhere with the legendary pokemon, Palkia, Dialga, and Darkrai, ad this really happened while he was on his journey with Dawn and Brock. She is not arrogant at all, even as the princess of Retopia.


Anima loves Pokemon so much that instead of joining a summer school, she joins her friends while on their journeys during the summer holidays. Strangely, she seldom accompanys her brother on his journeys, but she helps him quite a lot.

She knows most of Soul's secrets and keeps them in the core of her heart. She's always by her side.

Hissatsu/ Killer ShootsEdit

  • Metal Fury



  • Anima is my ( ANIME's) replica, as I too have long, brown hair, and brown eyes.
  • She's my second OC, but thre first one created
  • She has the same birthdate as that of a good friend of mine.