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Amaral Knight
Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name Amaral Knight
Nickname(s) Amy
Age 11
Birth Date 25th December
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Blood Statues Half-Blood
House Hufflepuff
Wand Phoenix Wand
Species Human
Year 1st Year
 Amaral Knight is a 1st year student at Hogwarts academy who tends to use water magic to help those in need.


Amaral is known as the daughter of the Wizard Sir Lancelot Knight who in his turn previously went to Hogwarts and now made his daughter follow their family steps. Even though her father is well-known, her mother isn't mentioned alot by her or others saying that she never existed.


Amaral is a smart, nature-loving girl who enjoys to spend her time learning spells and hanging out by a lake or a small pond. She also seems to be fond of learning new things about her surroundings. She is also known to be very sweet and friendly to everyone.


Amaral has long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and a short height compared to others.

Casual ClothesEdit

Her casual clothes usually consist of a long sleeved white t-shirt, followed by a long-sleeved buttoned pink t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and brown boots. She also seems to wear a silver pendant wherever she goes.


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  • She is made by me: Raven~Sama
    • Feel free to use her but please tell me first.

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